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At AgroCropp, our dogs are our family and deserve only the best when it comes to treats. We love pampering our pets with the most nutritious and delicious dog treats produced out of all-organic, all-natural ingredients. We are one of the first manufacturers to put our dogs and our planet first when it comes to dog food, creating high-quality products that are both healthy and environment-friendly.


We teamed up with holistic nutritionists and veterinarions, as well as crop-growers and bio-chemists, to come up with our winning formula for our dog treats. Our experienced and dedicated team work extensively to ensure that every ingredient, recipe and packaging is designed with your dog’s wellbeing in mind.


At AgroCropp, we take pride in our ethical approach to what we do – whether it be nutrition, manufacturing or online retail. We never use synthetic chemical additives, by-products or fillers in our recipes. We recycle 85% of the water used and waste created during manufacturing, as well as all on site packaging, paper, cardboards and plastics. We guarantee our costs are as affordable as possible, considered the high-quality of the products.



We believe in wellness – for you, your dog, and our planet.


Tailored to Dietary Reccomendations


Each recipe is put together according to the dietary recommendations for dogs. The ingredient combination creates a balanced dog treat, providing your dog with everything it needs.



We only use ingredients known to be less likely to trigger allergic reaction to your dog. To this end, each one of our products is wheat and dairy-free. We also do not use beef, pork or any chemical additives that could potentially be harmful to your pet.



We use freshly picked top quality ingredients that make most dogs’ mouthes water. Your dog will love our organic treats, without any added flavouring, salts or sweetners.


Healthy & Digestible


We want our treats to not only taste great, but make your dog feel great. That is why we make sure to use only organic ingredients, and keep all treats free of fillers, derivatives, by-products or bulking agents.


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Biscuits & Treats


While you’re training your dogs and want to praise them on good behavior, the best way is by giving them their favorite tasty treat. We have a range of luxury treats that are perfect for rewarding your dogs and teaching them that good behavior pays off. We offer both air-dried treats and baked treats, made with wholesome ingredients, including single-source protein which is ideal with dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs.

Adult Dog Food


Adult dogs need a balanced diet, complete with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Although most dogs will probably eat anything put infront of them (including your socks), we want to make sure they get what they really need in terms of nutrition. We ensure the contents of our adult dog food range are the perfect healthy balance for your beloved pets.



Puppies are adorable balls of energy, and need a well-balanced diet to help them grow and develop. Our puppy food range offers your puppy the best organic ingredients, balanced and energizing recipes and tasty nutrient-filled treats. Your puppy will love eating our treats and feel healthy and strong.

Healthfood & Hypoallergenic


We know that no two dogs are exactly alike, and each one needs special attention when it comes to their diet. A large percentage of dogs are sensitive to a variety of foods, and we want to make sure we can offer food that not only isn’t harmful, but is healthy for them. Our healthfood range includes treats, wet and dry dog food made out of hypoallergenic incredients, and are free of anything that could cause allergic reactions.



We love all animals, and want to promote a vegan lifestyle unattached to the violent meat and dairy industry. Our vegan dogfood range offers wholegrain dog food as well as special grain treats. We want to enable our costumers to live as ethically as possible, even while caring for their pets.

Holiday Specials


It’s the holidays, and we want our dogs to celebrate too. There’s nothing like a furry friend with some holiday spirit! Our Holiday Specials include dog treats shaped and packaged in holiday themed shapes and colours. Whether you celebrate Chrismas or Hannukkah, Easter of Passover – we’ve got the perfect treat for your dog to join in the festivities.






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